Arroyo Launches Information Security Practice

Arroyo Consulting announced today that it has launched a cyber security practice, an addition to its existing service offerings that focused primarily on application development. Unprecedented global cybercriminal activity is generating tremendous cyber spending and is a primary factor in Arroyo’s decision to provide information security services to organizations large and small.

Starting with a comprehensive risk assessment, Arroyo evaluates the maturity level of an organization’s security program, develops a tailored enterprise security road map to meet the organization’s needs and helps reduce overall risk.

“In a global business environment where information is steadily under attack, the cyber security market value is expected to surpass $120 billion by the end of the year,” said Arroyo President and CEO Deon Gaines. “Our customers stand to gain great value with the addition of this service.”

Arroyo’s approach to cyber security is three-pronged: Enterprise Assessment which evaluates an organization’s security risks, vulnerabilities and its overall security program maturity; Strategic Planning which entails developing a security program, budget and road map; and Leadership Training which provides resources and tools for personnel to ensure a proper implementation and business continuity plan.

“Since Arroyo’s inception, a focus on high-quality, client-specific results has been the cornerstone of our services,” Gaines said. “We believe that expanding the IT solutions that we offer is another step in the direction of enhanced customer service.”

Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., Arroyo Consulting is a CMMI Level 5 agile information technology development firm that has successfully helped its customers drive revenue and enhance operations through cutting edge technology solutions.

Arroyo is currently doing development projects for some of the largest IT organizations in Nashville and in the country. As a full-service application development outsourcing firm, Arroyo specializes in project-based work with U.S.-based clients in a variety of industries and sectors, including but not limited to: manufacturing; logistics and transportation; direct and catalog sales; consumer product goods; financial services; government; education; and telecommunications.