Case Study

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Intro and Background

Arroyo Consulting Builds Universal Product Platform for Armored Transportation Provider

An armored transportation provider came to Arroyo Consulting seeking a software development services firm that could help build the company’s next generation systems and products, while at the same time improving its software development processes and results. Today, Arroyo has built one of the company’s most innovative products and has helped the company implement it around the world. Additionally, Arroyo is now creating a Service Bus to aid the client in the integration of legacy systems with the company’s new Oracle eBusiness Suite. This way, the client’s offices can implement the new system gradually with lower risk, lower costs and greater success.

The armored transportation provider and Arroyo are now creating dynamic teams that will lead the client into a new era of IT, one based on software development best practices that fuel higher productivity and higher levels of quality than ever before.

The Story

Our client has a reverse ATM product that receives and securely stores cash and checks until an armored vehicle safely retrieves the money. This product was already in use in several countries, but due to numerous variations they were not compatible with each other. The client decided it was necessary to create a unified version of the product using the latest technology and industry best-practices.

When looking for the right provider, the armored transportation provider arrived at Arroyo Consulting. Here they found the maturity and expertise that was necessary to make the universal product platform a reality with their expected level of productivity, quality and process. It was recommended to kick-start the project with a one-week visit from the Product Owner and Architect of the system. During the kick-off week, the team was able to create an initial Product Backlog, initial mockups of the screens, a general architecture and was then ready to begin construction.

Several months later, a new product platform was ready with the ability to be integrated with implementations in other countries. Today, Arroyo is constantly integrating more and more countries to the platform.

Given the success of this project, the client came to Arroyo looking for another solution: a customized Service Bus to help them integrate legacy systems to their newly acquired Oracle eBusiness Suite.